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Raks Meraki Festival Barcelona

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Internacional Bellydance festival in Barcelona hosted by Gitza and Raqs Sahira.
November 15-17, 2019

Meraki = [may-rah-kee] (adjective) This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put «something of yourself» into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

For that reason our slogan is «Put your soul into what you love».

Esmeralda Colabone
Amar Lammar

Round table: 
Open space to talk with the teachers about their experience in dance career and their special point of view.

Esmeralda will be talking about the turban and the history, religion and use in arabic society.

Aptitude competition:
On saturday 16th november

  • Professional Solo
  • Advanced Solo
  • Amateru Solo
  • Groups

For each category will be prices for:

  • Choreography
  • Musicality
  • Repertoire
  • Expression in body language

Our objective is to offer a healthy space to show your dance and get feedback from the jury. (All info below)

Meraki Gala:
Gala show with the teacher and guests artists 16 November at 21h.

Please fill the form in this web page and make payment for reservation. Once we receive your registration we will contact you to give details about the festival.
For payments:
Paypal: Paypal.Me/gitzadance (3% comisión)
Transfer: ES58 1465 0120 3620 4910 4244 (ING Bank) Please be sure to put your name and Raks Meraki festival at concept.
Cash: At Gitza Escuela de Danza (Puig i valls 14 Barcelona, metro Badal-Barcelona)

If you want to know all the details about the competition please check the general bases


Raks Meraki’s aptitude competition

Raks Meraki offers a space to develop a healthy competition where dancing aptitudes but not hierarchy will remain the focus.

The objective consist in getting a feedback from the teachers, as well as acknowledging skills and aptitudes that can be developed in order to enhance dance. Awards will be therefore provided as follows:

  1. Choreography: In this category, the most complete choreographic composition will be rewarded,  and the connection and structure of the movements will be evaluated. This category will include aspects such as technique, musicality, expression, style, use of space, creativity, composition and control of the energy.
  2. Musicality: The award will be provided to the choreography that demonstrates the  richest music interpretation and movement use in accordance to the instruments and the rhythm.
  3. Repertoire: This category evaluates a clean technique and a rich range of movements variety, as well as the body control, layering, dissociations and use of space, axes, and body layer resources in the composition and work on the stage.
  4. Body language Expression: The award will be provided to whomever is able to use the body as a mean to connect with the audience and to transmit with attitude and presence on stage.

I Basic terms and conditions

  • The aptitude contest will take place in the evening of November 16th 2019 at 6 p.m. in Barcelona (Gallery Hotel).
  • The exhibition of each dance routine is open to the public: they can buy their tickets that include the Meraki gala this same day at 9:30 p.m. (20 € for pre-sale tickets and 23 € in the ticket counter)
  • National as well as international dancers can participate, considering that the minimal age is 16 years old, with an authorization from an adult.
  • The order of participation for the aptitude contest will be fulfilled by raffle once all the inscriptions are completed.
  • The stay and / or displacement of each dancer will be the responsibility of each participant.
  • The organization declines all responsibility derived from bodily injury or any belongings and property of the contestants and their associates.
  • The contest participation leads to the acceptance of each of these basic terms and conditions.

II Inscriptions

  • The participation request must be done before November 2nd, 2019  by mail at raksmeraki@gitzadance.com sending the registration form you will find at the web page www.gitzadance.com/raks-meraki-festival
  • The fee for the competition is 30€  soloist if you are not taking fullday or fullpack and 15€ per person in groups if you are not taking fullday or fullpack.
  • For payment you can make transfer: ES58 1465 0120 3620 4910 4244 (ING Bank) Please be sure to put your name and Raks Meraki festival at concept or by Paypal: Paypal.Me/gitzadance (adding 3% commission )or in cash at Gitza Escuela de Danza (Puig i valls 14 Badal, Barcelona)
  • Signed authorization from parents or tutors if the participants are under the age of 18.
  • We will admit 12 participant in each category, once it’s completed we will not accept more registrations.

II Photography and Video

  • The participants authorize the audiovisual recordings, as well as the photographic material, which can be realized during their participation in the aptitude contest: the rights of these recordings will be assigned to the organization.
  • The visual and audiovisual photographs, the filming and recordings will be distributed by the organization to the participants as a gift.

IV Choreographic requirements

  • The Choreographies are to be performed in styles such as Oriental, Classic, Tarab, Modern, Pop or Megance and won’t last more than 4 minutes.
  • Choreographies exclusively of percussion, elements or folklore are not allowed.
  • There are no qualifying rounds.
  • The choreographies must be self-created, therefore it is not allowed to perform choreographies created by other teachers and/or choreographers, since we value originality and creativity. In case this requirement is not met the dancer will be disqualified.

V Categories

Four categories will be differentiated:

  • Professional Soloist: Category dedicated to dancers who have received or are receiving a salary or remuneration as either teachers or dancers. Dancers who have been dancing for more than 6 years on a regular basis will also be considered in this category.
  • Advanced: Category dedicated to those dancers of a trajectory of more than 3 years in the oriental dance but who have not received or aren’t receiving any salary or remuneration as dancers or teachers.
  • Amateur: Category dedicated to those dancers whose dancing career has just begun.
  • Groups: Including 2 or more dancers.

VI Results

  • The results will be delivered once the contest is over and before the start of the Meraki gala.
  • All participants will have access to the jury’s notes and comments.
  • We understand that dance is very subjective and related to each person, so each jury will evaluate according to their perspective and vision of the dance.
  • The jury is the one who decides the results and their final decision will have to be respected.

VII Awards

All the prizes for each category are to be determined soon including discounts and passes for national and international festivals, dance and rehearsal dresses, discount vouchers for photography and access to training and workshops.

Professional soloist:

  • Choreography:
  • Repertoire:
  • Musicality:
  • Expression:

Advanced soloist:

  • Choreography:
  • Repertoire:
  • Musicality:
  • Expression:

Amateur soloist:

  • Choreography:
  • Repertoire:
  • Musicality:
  • Expression:


  • Choreography:
  • Repertoire:
  • Musicality:
  • Expression:

Looking forward to seeing you here!